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Beef recipe 250g



Complete BARF menu for cats.

Peritas BARF recipes for cats are specially selected to cover the nutritional needs of cats. In addition to the excellent quality of the meat they also include all minerals, trace elements and vitamins needed by those special pets. They also contain fresh zucchini and apples in a ratio of 6% and 4% respectively, which contribute to the smooth functioning of the digestive system.

Rich in taurine, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, phosphorus and trace elements. 100% natural ingredients, without additives and preservatives.

Recommended daily amount: As a minimum, for a raw diet, it is advisable to start with a ration that is equal to 3% of your cat's total body weight.

  • An excellent menu containing 80% lean beef and heart, 10% chicken and raw edible bones, 6% zucchini and 4% apples. Healthy super-food rich in taurine, Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, phosphorus, iodized salt, minerals and trace elements.
  • Energy: 200Kcal / 100g
  • Protein up to: 35%
  • Cellulose: 0.5%

BARF nutrition calculator

The recommended daily amount of BARF is as follows :

dogs over 1 year: 2-3% of body weight
adolescent dogs: 4-6%
puppies up to 4 months of age: 8-10%.

The daily BARF menu for your pet (in grams) is:


IMPORTANT! Please note that the information on wholesome raw food on our site is applies only to A&D Natural Foods products. To feed your pets by the method BARF requires you to have a solid knowledge or to trust a proven manufacturer with recipes (menus).

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